Welcome to our Blog!

We want to welcome you to our Blog and invite you to get to know us better!


Welcome to our new blog.

We know the importance of getting to know who is behind a service. Both in our coaching and consultancy practices you are going to decide if you want to work with us if you feel a connection.

For this reason we wanted to introduce ourselves in a more informal way and use this first post to do it.

In future we will use the blog to share updates on the work we are doing, some of the learning experiences we are taking part in and upcoming content, offers and learning experiences we will offer.

We met back in 2005, having ended up sharing a very small office while working for a multinational IT company.  As perfect strangers being stuck a minimum of 8 hours a day in a 3mt x 2 mt space, it could have been a disaster, given that neither social distancing nor privacy were a real possibility.

Luckily, over many teas and cappuccinos we built a solid relationship, sharing with each other the pains of managing large teams as well as the joys that it brought along the way.

We went on to share a similar career path into senior management leading teams in learning, operations, sales, and acquisition integrations. One of the passions we always shared was our dedication to growing our people.

 In 2007, in her role as Learning and Development lead for the organization, Keava rolled out coaching training to leaders and managers across all functions, a very courageous programme for the time. That is how we ended up training as coaches together and we have continued to use a coaching attitude as a way of being over the years.

 In early 2020 both of us were at a crossroads in our lives and we found ourselves talking about the future.  We were both looking for balance and for ways to fulfill our passion for helping people emerge in their full power and purpose.   We also wanted that for ourselves in the next stage of our lives and careers and, in June 2020, we set up The Inner Works Factory.

 Our goal is to help individuals become masters of themselves and help organizations evolve by ensuring employees at all levels are enabled in driving culture, vision, and goals.

Keava lives in County Kildare with her partner Ger & their 3 beautiful boys who are all currently at Primary School.  In her spare time, she can usually be found at the side of some pitch or other cheering on Ger & the boys as they play rugby, GAA and a variety of other sports.

What she has really enjoyed during her spare time this past year during ‘covid & lockdown’, is re-discovering her love for education and has really valued the time she’s spent dusting off her old skills and learning a lot of new ones after taking a pause to raise her kids. 

Her early career was in Sales & Customer Experience in Aer Lingus and when she progressed into her first leadership role, she found that what she loved most was developing her team.  Naturally, this progressed into a long and rewarding career in Learning & Development that brought her to IBM.

After a career break to start her family, she embarked on this exciting new adventure instead of returning to the corporate world.

I am Gaia and, I am originally from Varese, Italy but Ireland has been my home for the past 23 years. I am now based in County Louth in a gorgeous small village on the coast. I love being close to the sea and enjoy long walks on the beach with my dog.

I am an avid reader and traveller, I love writing and creativity in general (cooking, badly drawing etc. etc.). I am a Reiki and mindfulness practitioner and, although I am not religious, I am very spiritual. I try to give back to the communities I am part of through volunteering.

Just before setting up the Inner Works Factory, I divorced my previous life – both a husband and a career built over a long 19 years.  My background is in sales and operational leadership in a fast-changing organization.  Over the last 19 year I had the great opportunity to grow within IBM ‘s digital sales division, which allowed me to challenge myself and reinvent the way I worked many times over. I led very large teams (100+ indirect reports) dispersed across Europe and at a global level.

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