About us

Embracing change, together

We’re The Inner Works Factory, specialising in leadership development and career mentoring.

We’ve been creating change for over 20 years in culturally-diverse, fast paced, results-driven work environments like IBM, AerLingus, ZDNet, Fiberlink, and Kenexa.

Together, we’ll look at the inner workings of your business to find how you can embrace change in a rapidly-evolving economy.

Our focus is on the people that drive a company forward and how their values and beliefs align with what they do. We believe that only when a team is united can everyone become the best version of themselves and work can thrive.

“We founded The Inner Works Factory so that we could share our experience with others and help shape the future of the workplace.

Our company name encompasses everything we have learned to be true about a person and a company’s journey to self-actualisation.

Everything exists within, the trick is finding the way to really see what is happening within and why and do the work to change, adjust, refine who and how we want to be. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes a team. It takes courage.

Our purpose is to help you, your company, and your team to emerge into the fullness of everything that is valuable to you.”

Our Values



inner-works-factory We listen first and we ask second
inner-works-factory We want to know your business as well as we know ours
inner-works-factory We want to understand your point of view
inner-works-factory We are lifelong learners and continuously strive to expand our experience


inner-works-factory We are committed to your success
inner-works-factory We believe in you and your company
inner-works-factory Excellence is in our DNA
inner-works-factory We bring fun and creativity into everything we do


inner-works-factory We act ethically
inner-works-factory We are transparent in everything we do
inner-works-factory We are trustworthy
inner-works-factory We use our words wisely


inner-works-factory We believe our clients know what is best for them
inner-works-factory We work together to create the space for transformation
inner-works-factory We value and welcome everyone's skills and experience
inner-works-factory We seek everyone's participation and contribution


inner-works-factory We try new things for clients, ourselves and the practice
inner-works-factory We are willing to be vulnerable to allow growth
inner-works-factory We challenge ourselves to be better everyday for our clients

Meet the team


Gaia Dal Ferro

Director @ The Inner Works Factory

After moving to Ireland in 1997, Gaia spent nineteen years in a variety of senior leadership roles in IBM, developing extensive experience in sales leadership, customer experience, operational excellence, change management, and acquisition integration practices.

Throughout her career she’s led cross-functional, diverse teams across different locations, developing an acute sense of how to leverage people’s strength to support business growth.

In 2020 she co-founded The Inner Works Factory to create a space where humans take front and centre stage when growing, developing, and improving businesses.

Gaia helps talented individuals emerge as heart-centred leaders to live a more fulfilling life in and outside work.

She partners with organisations who want to put their human talent at the forefront of their management strategy to support them achieve long term change that sticks.


• Advanced Diploma in Change Management
• Advanced Diploma of Coaching with Neuroscience
• Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
• Certified EQ-i 2.0 practitioner
• IBM sales school graduate
• Certified IBM manager

Gaia’s professional memberships include the WACN, the ICF, and the Digital Marketing Institute.


Keava Mcquaid

Director @ The Inner Works Factory

Following a career spanning over 20 years working in the global corporate environment, Keava co-founded The Inner Works Factory in early 2020.

With an extensive background in sales leadership, customer experience, organisational learning and development, and coaching, Keava is well placed to understand today’s workplace challenges.

Focusing her talents on enabling others to find meaningful success in life and business, she guides clients to find their inner strengths and inner resources to realise their full potential.

Keava is dedicated to supporting business growth through the development of their people and leaders, achieving real and sustainable long-term change.


• BA(hons) in Human Resource Management
• Advanced Diploma in Change Management
• Advanced Diploma of Coaching with Neuroscience
• Certified EQ-i 2.0 practitioner
• IBM sales school programme graduate
• Certified IBM manager.

Keava’s professional memberships include the WACN, the ICF, and the CIPD.

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