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Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is the biggest predictor of success in life and business.

While IQ is fixed by the age of 20, EQ can change and increase throughout life.

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Learn how you can handle emotions in a way that increase your personal power and  improves the quality of your life.

Let us help you make your emotions work for you instead of against you using the power of Emotional Intelligence.

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Develop your Emotional Intelligence by learning how to talk about your emotions

Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them,” Harvard education professor Howard Gardner explains.

 It has been widely researched that EQ is a far more important and valuable than IQ and a much better predictor of success in life.

Emotional Literacy is one of the first building blocks of Emotional Intelligence as it allows you to articulate what you are experiencing accurately.

When you become emotionally literate you are able to handle emotions in a way that improves your personal power and the quality of your life.

Emotional literacy helps your emotions work for you instead, of against you.

Once you develop emotional literacy you will be able to notice and name the emotions you are feeling and those you see in others.

You will be able to connect the cause and effect that those emotions are communicating.

With that knowledge you will be able to select the emotion you are experiencing and choose what to communicate.

By naming your feelings accurately you will also create the conditions for them to pass through you.

You will make room for other events/ realities/ pleasures to be part of your life.

Are you willing to do that ?



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I have been very fortunate to be coached by Gaia from The Inner Works Factory over five sessions. My time spent with Gaia has been a massive help in setting out and undertaking changes and realising my life and career goals. I would highly recommend The Inner Works Factory to anyone who needs a helping hand in funnelling their thought processes to bear a less stressful and more productive output. I very much appreciate all that Gaia has done for me and I will be sure to use her services again if I come unstuck.
Mark Doolan
Health Care Professional

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